Microsoft 365 – December 2022 Roadmap Pitstop

December 2022 - Microsoft Syntex Pay-as-you-go (Preview), search video transcript for Stream (on SharePoint), SharePoint Apps: Add to teams when enabling an app, OneDrive: Sensitivity labels appear on the sharing dialog, OneDrive sync reports (GA), SharePoint sites search in usage analytics, Microsoft Teams Premium (Preview), Microsoft Whiteboard mobile apps, and more.

Microsoft 365 – November 2022 Roadmap Pitstop

November 2022 - Briefing email enhancements, a new praise compose experience, a new Viva admin experience, SharePoint tenant URL rename (GA), three new SharePoint site templates, updated management for site information, sign language via in Microsoft Teams, Editor using Context IQ in Word, and more.

Microsoft 365 – October 2022 Roadmap Pitstop

October 2022 - Viva Engage GA, Viva Insights: Focus mode in Teams, Stream (on SharePoint) GA, Excel Live in Teams, OneDrive: Folder backup for macOS, conditional access improvement for Lists for Android, Office app becoming Microsoft 365 app, and more.

Microsoft 365 – September 2022 Roadmap Pitstop

September 2022 - Cultural site template for Hispanic Heritage Month, Manage site access based on sensitivity label, Viva Learning cards for the Viva Connections Dashboard, New 'Activity' column in OneDrive, Granular Policies for OneDrive: Request Files, Quick Access to SharePoint document libraries in Office backstage, Schedule send for Teams chat, Video clips in Teams chat (Preview), new Stream mobile app (beta) - iOS and Android, improved Adobe PDF experience in Microsoft Teams, and more.

Microsoft 365 – August 2022 Roadmap Pitstop

August 2022 - Viva Goals GA, Viva Engage GA, Viva Insights updates, Microsoft Lists - MSA Preview for iOS (beta), new SharePoint team site templates, new web parts and site theme, co-authoring encrypted documents on mobile, new OneDrive home experience, To Do in Outlook for Windows, and more.

Microsoft 365 – July 2022 Roadmap Pitstop

July 2022 - Record a new video from Stream start page, Video collections page, One-time passcodes from, AAD memberOf “Nested” Groups, Power Automate flows in Lists templates, Microsoft Lists: Calendar view conditional formatting, Review mode for Word documents, news from Microsoft Inspire 2022, and more.

Microsoft 365 – June 2022 Roadmap Pitstop

June 2022 - Pride Month | LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group site template, Viva Topics in Teams chat, inline playback of videos in Hero web part, updated site logo management, multilingual UI when editing team sites, rename Add to OneDrive Shortcuts, OneDrive: Pin and unpin shared libraries, Planner cards in team site activity feed, SPS'2013 Workflows migration assessment tool, Teams chat with self, and more.

Microsoft 365 – May 2022 Roadmap Pitstop

May 2022 - Site template history panel, Microsoft Stream: View and edit file information, Section templates for SharePoint pages and news, Loop components in Outlook mail (Preview), Admin PowerShell control for Loop components, Inspiration Library in Microsoft Viva Insights, Microsoft Lists: Calendar view item drag and drop, Build 2022 news, and more.

Microsoft 365 – April 2022 Roadmap Pitstop

April 2022 - Viva Topics in Outlook for the Web, Viva Topics insights, Microsoft Stream: Comment on a video or audio file, Create directly from the SharePoint app bar, Microsoft Lists for Android, Create and manage Power Apps from Microsoft Lists within Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Lists Calendar view: 'Unscheduled' Pane, OneDrive: Access your Teams standard and private channel files, OneDrive: Pin shared libraries to Quick Access, Viva Insights: Shared focus plans, Microsoft Purview, Bookmarks in New Yammer, Whiteboard files stored in SharePoint, and more.

Microsoft 365 – March 2022 Roadmap Pitstop

March 2022 - Top news in Viva Connections dashboard, Focus plans in Viva Insights, SharePoint Syntex: Content assembly, Microsoft Teams Connect "Shared channels", co-authoring MIP content on mobile, Managed metadata column in SharePoint document libraries, new Lists templates, Yammer dark mode, and more.


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